In just a second…

Driving down Rivermont Ave yesterday, I was blankly staring at the taillights of the car in front of me thinking about the events of the past two weeks; more specifically how it was that my Aunt managed to drive through an already red light July 13th.  As I pondered, I saw the light ahead turn red, and while I was slowing I watched the car in front of me plow right through the already red light.  How did that driver just do that?

You know that phone call you never want to get?  The one where the tone of the individual calling is saying, “are you sitting down?” Where you ask, “what happened?” but the knot in the pit of your stomach indicates that you probably don’t want to hear the answer.  That was the call from my sister on the 13th.

My mom’s side of the family was a small family.  They made the pilgrimage from Germany after the Second World War on a boat.  My Oma’s first husband (father of my mom’s half brother and sister) had died in the war and she remarried my Opa who was responsible for pioneering my mom’s family to Canada.

They were a precious family, and on July 13th the last member of this beloved family passed from this world; in tragedy.  She ran an already red light.  According to the police, the small blessing is she had no idea she’d been hit; truly thought she had the right of way.

The irony is, the night I was writing my last post over two weeks ago, was the very night (and near hour) that she passed in the wreck; I’d been writing about loss…”Tears come Easy sometimes.

The irony was compounded when I found myself sitting at dinner on the anniversary of my mom’s passing (July 20th), one week after my Aunt passed in the car, alone as my parents were at the buffet and heard a neighboring table singing happy birthday to their “Oma.”  As I let the tears fall and watched this happy family, I realized that we had sung that to my Oma less than a year ago, my Aunt at Christmas and now the entire family you see pictured above is no longer here on earth; in just a second.

My heart has been heavy, so weighted that I couldn’t put fingers to keys until today, and the tears freely flowed as we memorialized my precious Aunt and an entire family; yet I was quickly sobered.  I realized that time is fleeting. Life changes fast and what you take for granted today might be the very thing you sorely miss tomorrow.  The joy in all of this sorrow was this family has now reunited in Heaven.  I know there will be people reading this who do not believe in such a place, or the author of that destination, but I can speak with complete confidence; each member of this God fearing family did not live a perfect life, but lived one that strived to honour the God they served; and each member passed with a visible small smile on their face.  Though they are not here, it is those of us left behind who sorrow as their final destination was nothing short of joyful; a residue that I know will be left the day I depart from this earth and join them in heaven.

Until then, in their memory, I write this post.  I miss you mom, Opa, Oma, Uncle Ewald and Aunt Hannelore.  You will always be loved.


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