This picture looks deceivingly delicious as this is the type of drink that is best consumed with a chaser and a plugged nose.  Why does an early 30-something know this you might ask?  For the same reason that she suffered a mild anxiety attack this past weekend: Stress.

I got off a phone call this weekend, and felt my breathing become restricted, my extremities tingle, and my stomach turn 200% nauseous.  Two deaths, two wills, a residential move and the weight of an ongoing PhD pushed me to my physical limit; my mind’s way of letting me know I was overexerted, overextended, over exhausted, and just over.

Ten days and ten pounds later, I found myself sitting with an MD discussing my physical future under present duress and realized that I had to 1) remove as much of the stress as possible and 2) assist my now weakened system with a daily dose of Metamucil.  Today I recalled my parents talking about bowel movements, and dietary issues in regular conversation growing up.  I always swore when I got older, I would find far more interesting things to talk about but as I hung up with my friend, our conversation consisted of: updating him on my bowel health, discussing his hemorrhoids, and then our plans for the day.

Maybe some things can not be avoided?  No matter how hard we try…


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