The Renee Diet…

I miss food.  A lot.

I was reminded of this fact as I watched me friends eat what looked and smelled like an amazing late lunch yesterday as I picked at my buttered toast.

I had thought this past weekend, that despite a newly developed sore throat (is life telling me to quit eating all together!?), my stomach was feeling more “normal” than I remembered.  Unfortunately, that feeling was well premature as I attempted a “usual” meal on Sunday night to a painful 24 hour end.  Which brings me to the bread and butter lunch.

Though my meal left much to be desired, company with good friends never does and they had me laughing and engaged in dialogue I nearly forgot my dietary plight until I was informed that there are a number of people who have expressed a desire to go on the “Renee” diet.


Evidently, the 10 lbs I have lost is more than noticeable and painful process aside, the rapid loss of weight is appealing to some of those I know.  I couldn’t help but smile, thinking about the impossible sequence of events that occurred in the last 7 months and how they led me to the physical meltdown that has left me (as one friend puts it) “thin and fabulous.”  Yet, if someone wanted to replicate the physical experience, it is really about two weeks of water and laxatives; that’s it.  Just make sure to take Pedia-light so you don’t dehydrate, and get used to popping Metamucil after every meal…

I have never been one to fuss much about my weight, aside from the desire to maybe lose the 10 lbs that had creeped on in my 30’s, so this has been a small upside on a very dark season in my life.  I may not fit into a size 25, but I’m swimming in my former 28’s and I think it would be a crying shame when all this settles to waste the trauma it took to get me back to my “college weight.”

Thin and fabulous might be here to stay 😉


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