Lemonade, Lynchburg Star, and Life

Staring at a 8 ounce cup of water in my 16 ounce cup, I realized that like my beverage, life is usually either half full or half empty.  No matter how often I try to fill the cup, eventually I will drink some and return it to it’s current quandary and at some point, I might even finish it leaving my beloved glass empty.

Well, my glass was pretty near empty this summer.  You couldn’t have scripted 2010.  In fact, when this year started, I was starry-eyed and hopeful of all the many things I was going to accomplish in the coming 365; but as the days turned into months, bits of my life soared while others kept walking into brick walls.  It wasn’t until this past July when a personal brick wall brought all of my life to a screeching halt.   As the stress seemed to stack in my opponents favor (life), and I returned road-weary and emotionally warn a few weeks ago, I found myself with a severe case of – what was described by the MD as – IBS.

The silver lining?

There is always something positive that is happening in life, even when it seems like everything has fallen in the red.  This ailment, has allowed me to loose all the extra weight I picked up in the past few years.  One upside.  The other is that, where life has been exhausting, I have found the strength to take to the stage and turn my sorrows into song.   A recently acquired throat infection, didn’t keep me from competing in Lynchburg Star last Friday where I earned 2nd place singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.”  Look out Steve Perry, I pulled it off running around in 100 degree weather with a sore throat!!! 😉

Sometimes when life hands you a pound of lemons…you really just need to get good at making lemonade!


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