Terry Jones, Please reconsider…

this weekends events, as a fellow Christian, I implore you.

As with any “religion,” there are extremists.  It was the same extremists responsible for 9/11 nearly a decade ago, and you sir, have positioned yourself to be another extremist by planning this abhorrent and heart-breaking act.

It is not just your choice to destroy this Muslim text text but your affiliation with Christianity.  I can only imagine how peace-keeping Muslims felt when individuals identifying with their faith used that same faith to justify acts of terror; it can not be far off from the intense dismay I feel towards your hosting this event in the name of “Christ.”

There is nothing Christ-like about this pending performance.  The greatest commandment to all Christians is first to love the Lord your God with all your heart and then to love your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27).  My question to you is: how does your behavior align with biblical principles?  You have nations around the globe indignant at you and your churches choice.  The president of your home and native land is commanding you to cease and desist.  You have incurred negative national news, not just for yourself and your congregation, but for the Christian faith.  How is any of this loving?

Our God is one of peace, love, kindness, gentleness, turning the other cheek.  Regardless of what Muslim extremists have done, there is no retaliation as a believer but to love.

I implore you, Pastor Jones, to reconsider your choice this weekend.  Evaluate what it is you believe, who it is you say you live for, and what it is that would necessitate from you as a Christian.  There is nothing loving about your act.  It is putting your fellow American’s in grave danger, corrupting relationships around the world and inciting chaos.  Our God is a God of order, of peace, of love; please, abort your mission in favor of showing the world who Christ is and what Christianity should be.



3 thoughts on “Terry Jones, Please reconsider…

  1. Hello I think your article is fair and balance. As a muslim living in US, I myself don’t think Terry Jones represent a Christian at all but I am worry that the muslims around the world might think that he is.

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