Canamgirl Blog Anniversary

This past Thursday marked the one year anniversary of my blog.

I feel like I should have done something monumental, like post a blog, but I missed that anniversary for a photoshoot.  I spend my days working as a professor and studying as a PhD student and my evenings as a singer/songwriter.  That has been a new-ish stint, at least since I quit Derby a year ago, right around the time I started blogging.

As I considered the life events that have taken place, the ones recounted here and the ones that live only in my memories, I realized that there is something immutable about blogging; it’s always here.  Though the stories have changed, and the days have marched on, this blog (and all others in cyberspace) leave a mark on the world that never goes away.  Decades from now, archives from this very blog could be rummaged through and stories of a life that once lived can be accessed and relived for a brief moment.

While I feel like something poignant should be said on a blog I’ve titled “anniversary,” I really only felt the need to draw attention to the fact that I had been writing for a full year now, and ultimately to thank all those that have taken a moment out of their real lives to spend a virtual moment in my own.

In a couple weeks I’ll have new photographs from this photoshoot and hopefully give this blog, what is now becoming, a bi-annual face lift; but until then you are left with the one pictured here.

Here’s to another year of life lessons, life loves and a life lived!



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