Unconditional Love…

I am not married.  I have no children.  But I have a dog.

There is something wonderful about pets, and in my case, one particular little Yorkie named “Joey.”  There have been some long days, and exhausting months of late; so much so, that I haven’t even had the energy to pour those moments into prose.  Yet, no matter how hard a day has been, how difficult people in my life might be, how challenging life can get, I come back to a 5lb bundle of fur who has nothing but massive amounts of kisses for me.  I could have just finished a brilliant show, played the best set ever, completed a solid “A” paper, or taught the most enlightening class and none of that matters to this four-legged friend.  All he cares is that I have returned home again, that we are in each others company and that I feed him, provide him fresh water, and ensure he gets a couple walks a day.  This is all in exchange for unlimited unconditional love.

I have often wondered, if we showed humans the same kind of love these little creatures show us, what kind of world could this be?


5 thoughts on “Unconditional Love…

  1. Man, Rene, I don’t know. My dog has bad gas and she has this nightly routine where she sleeps half the night under the bed, half the night in bed with me and then wakes me up early to pee.

    I don’t know if I want that kind of love in a human…lol

    • Lol…what kind of dog do you have!? I think I was referring to the unconditional love…and the Yorkie breed…I can’t speak for all canine’s, but mine is pretty awesome!

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