I Just want to know…

Why are boys so dirty!?!

It must have been my mother who conditioned my father to brush his teeth regularly, wash his hands after using the bathroom, and bathe on a daily basis in conjunction with regular washing of clothes, bed sheets, dishes; because I was raised unaware of the largely hygienic deficiency with men.  So naturally, I was shocked to learn that there are more men in the world (then I might care to know) who do not champion something as accessible and socially necessary as personal hygiene!

Don’t get me wrong, growing up (at least into my teens), I could have cared less about environmental cleanliness.  My room regularly looked like a hurricane had passed through, my clothes were generally found in nondescript piles throughout the house, and hated doing dishes.  I don’t necessarily like any of the above now, but I recognize that they are at the bottom of a chain of events that can mirror your life in general; if any of the above are a mess in your life, what else is potentially “out of order.”

Over time, I’ve regularly found these guy-friends who exhibit hygienic-dysfunction, and I want to know why.  How is brushing ones teeth not one of the  first things you do in the morning?  How is one then amazed that people are abhorred by perpetual bad-breath?  How does one not enter a bathroom, anywhere, and immediate go to the sink and use water and soap to clean ones hands before walking out the door to touch any number of things that other people are later going to be touching!?!  How does one not see the necessity to shower, and after showering put on clean clothes, and at the end of a long day of moving, working, sweating, activity put them in some semblance of a hamper to be washed before ever re-worn?

I knew one guy in college who was unaware that teeth needed to be brushed every morning; he did it only at night.  I knew another guy who thought Axe deodorant for men was a fair substitute for laundry detergent and a washing machine.  Another guy I knew, didn’t see the need to wash his hands after using the bathroom, and would reluctantly do so when asked.  Yet another guy thought it appropriate to publicly put his hand down his pants, and then go about whatever he was doing; even another guy who thought it appropriate to sit and pick his toe nails.

I just want to know why.



One thought on “I Just want to know…

  1. Dear Renee, please don’t lump the gender. It is not all men but those whose upbringing didn’t demand cleanliness. My parents did, so, brush every morning, shower ever day, sometimes twice a day and on rare occasions 3 times in one day. Cleanliness is a state of mind and body, and this mind and this body have to be clean, can’t stand a day with greasy hair, dirty nails and filthy skin. Don’t worry it is not a guy thing as much as a fam thing. I know women who, don’t shave their legs regularly, uck, don’t where deordorant daily and who never, do their nails, ugh!! Hair styles are silly and washing it only done weekly, so they fit with the gross men you speak of. So watch out for my gender, we aren’t all cleanly depraved!!

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