Dear Starbucks…

So, every day I go to Starbucks.  Yes. Really.  Every day.

The way I see it, some people have a smoking habit ($5+ a day), or a drinking habit ($$) or they eat out for lunch every day ($5+tax); but not me, I just like my Starbucks.

Here’s where the problem comes in.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, especially these days, and Starbucks has branded themselves this way:

It’s their PROMISE.

That being said, my drink has been far from perfect…nowhere near every time.  Even when I spell out what I want from my $3 drink.

Barista: “Hi Renee (because they all know me after a few visits due to this conversation), what are you having today?”

Me: “Hi! (I’m always a little too excited) I would like a Vanilla Misto; one-third coffee, one-third milk and one-third foam (the reason I said thirds is because if I said an inch of foam, I would be lucky to get a centimeter of both milk and foam). Could you please make sure the foam is creamy?”

Barista: (Standard response) “Of course.”

See, what happens next though, is the barista who says “of course,” isn’t the barista that then goes and makes my creamy, foamy drink.  I have watched the communication break down, and decided to try and move myself closer to perfection by cutting out the middle man:

Me: “Hey, on my drink, the Vanilla Misto, can you make sure that the foam is creamy and not bubbly?”

Barista: (Standard response) “Of course.”

Me: “Thank you so much, I know I’m such a pain, but I really appreciate it!”

I anxiously await the arrival of my cup of love.  The next step is always to put a little vanilla powder on top and stir it in, and as of late, when I open the lid I am disheartened to find a soap sud foam that falls the second I throw powder on top of it.

Swallow sadness.

I recognize my demands are high maintenance, BUT this is the culture that Starbucks has created; why should I suffer when they promise perfection every time?

Dear Starbucks,

How do I get creamy foamy perfection every time?


Renee Ruth


9 thoughts on “Dear Starbucks…

  1. Girl, return it… You know I am also addicted to “said” Starbucks… I return my drinks … I’ve even picked up a drink at one Starbucks then drove to another to get a new one b/c I had already hit the highway.

    They are all about making new drinks for me:) That’s why I love them — I dream about them…

    • Really!? I tried having it remade a few times and it came out the same!! I concluded that certain Starbucks (or maybe just Barista’s?) are not trained on the “sexy-foam.”

      I have done that too though, they forgot the Vanilla and I’m already in my car so I pull over at the next Starbucks and explain my sorrow. They always happily fix things, it’s just can they fix them they way I was hoping for…

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