Some might mistake that phrase for the teen favorite flick “Bring it (on),” others might think I’m begging a fight, but there are a few who recognize that as the slogan of the the work-out machine known as “P90X.”

Extreme home fitness is an understatement.

I won a contest in phys ed class which earned me a free 3 mth membership at the local gym where I grew up.  I loved my three months and asked my parents if I could join.  They said sure; on my dime.  So I scraped up the $300 to join and was told by my father I’d never use it; to prove him wrong I did…for 15 years.

This past year, the gym wore me out.  It seemed I was spinning the wheel, on the same bike, and getting no where.  Though that was literally true at times, it ended up being figuratively accurate and I knew that something was in order to get myself in shape: Muscle confusion.

Whether my muscles are confused or not, I don’t know how I’d know, except that after a 45 minute session I spend the next five days aching in ways I haven’t since high school volleyball practices.  Can’t be a bad thing.

So here is to the next 89 days P90X…Bring It!!


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