DuckDuck Collective’s “Renee Ruth” Photoshoot.

Last month, I took my birthday money and decided to make one of the steps towards completing a demo package: the photoshoot.

I had spent a lot of time asking around, pricing, and pondering what would be necessary for me in such an introductory phase, and what would be worth the money.  There are a number of brilliant photographers in Lynchburg, but DuckDuck’s work would always pop up on my homepage and each time I was taken by how great their photos turned out.  So it was settled towards the end of August: my birthday money was going to hire these local artists.

Without boring you with details, I quickly learned why companies like “Glamour Shots” were so successful; there is something about the paparazzi (when welcomed) that is exhilarating!  I also quickly learned that snapping rapid-fire shots turns out a lot of unusable “looks” but the ones that turn out, turn out.

Here are some of them:

Here’s to what’s next 😉


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