There’s a lion in the streets…

“There is a lion outside!  I shall be slain in the streets!”

Have you ever heard someone use that as an excuse for not leaving their house?  For not going to work?  For not being somewhere they said they would be or are supposed to be?  Probably not.

But what about “I have to finish working on this thing,” or “I need to read this before I can do anything else;” might be something you’ve heard recently.  This very important thing might truly be that important, or it could just be that it’s forced into importance to avoid the things that truly deserve attention: Work; Sleep.

The proverb of the lazy man is what that quote is referring.  He hides his laziness and justifies himself by deflecting attention away from the truth (laziness) to an illusion (lions) or (you fill in the blank).  A deep desire to stay home and not work allows the mind to create unreal circumstances to justify that desire; thus sacrificing truth on the alter of self-justification.

What is your lion?

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that there is no “lion in the streets.”


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