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Getting this EP release off the ground has hit a couple hurdles:

1. I wanted to be “Renee Ruth” but found out that there is a guy in NYC who has the same name (female spelling and all).

2. I called my FB Fan Page “Renee Ruth Peckham” because of this, but then decided to use the original name after all; facebook doesn’t let you change Fan Page names.

3. I started working on a separate music page – http://www.reneeruthmusic.com – but thanks to academia (taking 2 MA classes, teaching 5 undergrad classes and keeping my GA hours) I have barely had time to do more than register the domain.

4. Finding a venue for the show was a challenge, but Oakwood Country Club didn’t just offer their space, they also offered the use of their baby grand…ironing out the details for non members is the present challenge (especially since I am one of them! :).

All that to say, if it isn’t enough to be the singer/songwriter, I also need to be the marketing and PR…which leaves me daydreaming about sleep and elated that in the face of these hurdles, I have an EP and the release party in a mere 16 days!!

So, be sure to “like” this page before the release date (Nov 20th) and I’ll send you a free song from my EP: Renee Ruth’s FB Page

Off to practice for the EP live show!


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