EP Release in one Week…

And I’m getting over the flu!

There was all kinds of talk about getting the flu shot at work over the last few weeks, and even though I had a run at swine flu last year (you could go back to that post!), I decided against getting the flu shot.  There were so many reasons for this.

It didn’t occur to me, that the flu was already making its miserable way around to people I knew, or that it could potentially throw off my plans for my release show on the 20th!  Having to take a nap after any major event (like getting dressed, or making tea) since Tuesday, I woke up today thankful that this happened now and not next week.

All my plans for preparations, school work, grading, etc were tossed aside in favor of channeling any strength available into getting better.  Today was the first day my head was un-fogged, and I started to think about this major even that I’ve got planned.  I’ve made it into the Randolph College weekly newsletter, consideration at radio stations, posted fliers at all major Starbucks, and advertised widely amongst friends here in town; this is working up to being a big deal.  So I decided to make it a big deal on here.  Every day from now until the release, I am going to blog about one of the songs on my upcoming EP.  I’ll tell how the song was written, what inspired it, and how it was chosen for this project!

Here starts the road to release!

Hope all of you are well, healthy and enjoying the weekend!!


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