“Wanting Me”

There has always been something about Spanish culture I have found so alluring…and after working for a month in Albacete, Spain, their music was something I came to love.  While this song was affectionately titled “The Spanish Song” for much of it’s early existence, there really is little Spanish about it outside of the chord progression.

I did set out to write a Spanish-style song in August though.  I was at my dad’s place in Canada, sitting in his living room one afternoon, and toying with the minor chords and came to this walk-down that resonated my very being.  Passion.  Betrayal.  Love.  Soul.  All adjectives I thought of when it came to these three chords and I knew the song was going to be about someone I had once loved but had done me very wrong.

It is interesting how songs are written.  There is no formula, and no musician has the same “method,” but for me, the music comes as almost a backdrop to moments in my life.  I hear chords and a story I lived some how comes to live in the strains of each note.  And so came to life the story of an unrequited love.  Someone who had done me wrong but was still wanting a part of my life.  It was almost difficult to admit that I had loved them, but there was no escaping truth, there was something so empowering about living a life without them that I needed to find a way to communicate “this is how I say goodbye.”

You’ll have to hear the song for the whole story…


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