This year has been nothing short of traumatic.  Yet, in the midst of it, there have been many days that I’ve had to work to appear as though I “have it together” when really inside I’m falling to pieces.

This is a revealing song.  After I found myself painted into corners I didn’t recognize, and crawling out of ditches I didn’t dig, I wrote a song about how I refused to allow the world around me to define who I was.   It took a good amount of honesty to admit that I am not a “superwoman.”  That although I was having a hard time keeping it together, there was enough left in me to ignite the passion to move past what was going on and not let anyone “dictate who I am.”

It is a song about empowerment, one that I’m sure could be a different shade of strength depending on your story, but one that indicates you can choose to not let anything destroy you completely.

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