“Closer to Me”

August was when I wrote this song.  I had set my keyboard up in the hall of my dad’s house in Canada (the acoustics were better) and was playing around with a chord progression I had been working on in the US while mulling over the people who had influenced me in my life; “made me who I am.”

My mind moved to my childhood, and my mom.  How she had put me in piano lessons, took me to all the youth events at church, gave me skating lessons, encouraged me to play all the sports I could get myself into at school, pushed me to excel in academics, was my counselor, cheerleader, biggest fan…and although she’s gone, all those years she invested in me have been catalyst to so many of the things I’ve become.

I was suddenly very aware of how much my mom was still a part of me, even though there were so many years between the moments we spent together; that she was as alive in me today as she was here on earth.  I was reminded of what a friend I once had told me.  I had been lamenting the fact that most of the people I know in my life now, never knew my mom; would never get to meet her, hear her laugh, see her smile, enjoy her incredibly dry sense of humor…that they would never know her.  This friend looked at me and said, “Renee, I think I have a pretty good idea how wonderful you mom was because I have a good feeling she was a lot like you.”

Closer to me is a song about how I may have lost so many of the people I have loved in my life, but although they are no longer here, their memory will live on through me.


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