“Chasing Butterflies”

This is probably one of my oldest original songs, and also one of the songs that was written over a span of weeks.  Joni Mitchell’s song “Both Sides Now” was always one that I found beautiful, but even more beautiful as she sang it again later in life with a full orchestra.  I wanted to write a song that described my journey through life so far, how I saw things, have seen things and see them now; what matters most.  So this song started with an idea.

Parts of it were written at a White Hart coffee table here in Lynchburg, parts were written in the corner of a Starbucks, and most of it was finished in my bedroom trying to figure out how to put this prose into melody.  It started out as a strummed chord progression, but just never felt “right” to me.  Frustrated that the song wouldn’t “finish,” one day I arpeggiated the chords.  The picking pattern happily melted into the words of the song. “Chasing Butterflies” was born.

It’s a song about all the things that I had once hoped life to be; all the things that life ended up becoming; all the ideals held in my childhood and all the realities I faced as an adult; all the love I had dreamed of finding and all the jaded relationships I found; and really at the end of all of it, life just got in the way.


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