“What I Need”

It came today:

Fitting that the last track I would write about is the title track of the EP!  Even more interesting is that, I wrote the song more about what I DIDN’T need than what I needed; but you could conclude one from the other.

The song was actually written about a former friend, who told me that the reason I was “Alone” was because I refused to “submit to a man.”  True story.  Those words were actually used in the phone call that concluded with me walking to my Roland G800 and playing the strains of the EP title track and literally spitting out the words in response to a conversation that left me speechless.  This song also happens to be one of the first songs I wrote almost a year ago and has quickly become not just my favorite, but the favorite of some of my local fans here in Lynchburg.

I won’t ruin the song for you, but the verses describe what it is I DON’T need from someone, allowing one to easily conclude what it is I DO need.  If meeting those needs are contingent on my blind “submission” as this individually so eloquently told me, then I am happy to spend the rest of my life “alone.” 🙂

EP in hand, practice complete, and preparations in place; tomorrow is my first show that includes a hard copy of a handful of my original songs.  I cannot wait to share it with the rest of the world on Sunday when they are available on iTunes!  Please look for that here: http://www.reneeruthmusic.com

Till then; goodnight! ❤


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