Dear Anonymous…

My website ( has been active for a week and a half.  Only a week ago, I set up a link to “contact” me, in hopes of people interested in my music utilizing it; today I got my first message:

“On your music…

I’m choosing to remain anonymous because in this day and age, criticism is never taken well. You really know me anyway, so it’s nothing to worry about. None of your personal friends are being mean to you. I just wanted to pass along the fact that your music is bad, however, I want to be sensitive about it because it’s obviously something you think you like.

I just listened to the song/video that you have on your facebook page and I’m astounded by it. The problem is, mainly, that you have no skill with writing lyrics. It seems like you’ve opened a journal and are singing from it… which I think you’ll agree, is silly. Your voice is not bad although you sound like you should be singing in a church, doing some fancy, but ridiculous solo about Jesus. But I don’t know about that I guess. The shoddily written lyrics leave much to be desired in that they entirely lack rhyme and meter. You struggle to get the lyrics out so that they actually match the music, and in the end, they don’t. You’re also not a terrible musician, but your music makes no sense at all, and neither does your image. First of all, this is not the 1990s. No one still listens to Sarah McLachlan. Also, the whole “look” you’ve created is kind of cool… but, uh, it doesn’t fit. If you were a single-handed electronica artist who was creating your own beats and looping with delay effects, microkorgs and computers, I would understand that look, but, as I said, you sound like you should be singing in a church. In addition to the look is your website/graphic design. It looks like something off of geocities from 1997.

So, I don’t know who encouraged you to do this, but if I could offer one piece of advice….don’t quit your day job and don’t let this go to your head. Art is not democratic, and this is why. Also, don’t break down and cry. I’m just one person (and I know what I’m talking about … I have influence in the realm of music distribution and recording, etc … ) who is concerned about music.

Have you tried painting?”

Before I say anything else, I want to clarify that the video on my Facebook Fan Page is a cover song.  BT is the artist of both the music and the lyrics, Landon Booth did the video and editing, I sang.  Dear Anonymous, you might want to pass some of that “constructive criticism” on to BT 🙂

When I read this message in my Gmail account this morning, I realized a few things…

  1. I expect to have more people who feel they need to express similar sentiment about my music and I’m okay with that;
  2. Not everyone is going to like my music, in fact, I anticipate that for every person who might, there are quite a few who do not;
  3. It doesn’t bother me that there will be people who don’t like my music, or my webpage, or my pictures, or my lyrics, or anything about me really, as I am not defined by any of those things.

I write music to free my soul from things that have happened in my life to cage it.  I sing music in hopes that there are other souls who might not only identify with my life but find the same freedom through song.  And I know that if there wasn’t one soul in the room who did, I would sing to an empty room because I love to.

Thank you, adversity has always been a fuel in my life, not a fire.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you how Marty and I came face to face with a bear today!!


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