Dear 2010

This blog is long over due.   I have been writing it in my head since last week but just couldn’t find the time to sit down and actually key it out.  I decided that I wanted to write a letter to last year, and here is what I’d say:

Dear 2010,

It’s hard to believe that you have come and gone.  Our relationship really didn’t have a chance to get off the ground, as the eve of our acquaintance my Oma passed away.  It’s like they say, if a relationship starts off on the wrong foot, it has little chance of finding lasting success.

True to form, our time together saw an unexpected major move, a tragic accident this summer, undue stress over finances, family and wills, and the loss of a couple friendships.  While this cloud seemed to hover over our time together, our days together weren’t without a silver lining…

You saw the birth of my passion (reignited) for music.  You were there while I played my first succession of shows, built beautiful new relationships with people I met through music, the recording of my first EP and a brilliant EP release show in November, ending with the hope of a year that would continue to bring musical dreams to life.

It is so good to finally be off the roller coaster that was our life together this past year, but I thank you for the lessons I’ve learned and that while we started off on a bad note, we ended on a good one 🙂


Renee Ruth

Dear 2011,

Praying for a wonderfully eventful year and a wonderfully uneventful one at the same time…


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