Dear Timothy Ferriss…

Thank you.

I have always thought food should be treated more like a drug than a recreation.  So you can imagine I will readily identify with anyone who thinks the same.  This, of course, does not mean I have always treated food like a drug…in fact, the majority of my life has been in radical opposition.  Yet, this summer, after seeing what IBS could do for my physique, I decided to find something less toxic that would produce the same (or better!) results.  The quest began with a trial run in P90X and ended with the purchase of Timothy Ferriss’ “4-hour Body.”

If you have never enc0untered Timothy Ferriss before, he is a radically unique individual.  It would appear that he was born with the mind of a researcher, and has devoted his life to the microscope; evaluating each and ever experience in light of the plausible, possible and potential for success; subsequently actualizing each and every one of them.

Should you stumble on his most recent text, you will find yourself in the throws of a book not unlike college textbooks you might once have avoided reading.  Jargon laden, Timothy gives the reader a clear idea of the meticulous research he has done in conjunction with key leaders in each chapters respective fields.  At the onset of this book, Timothy admonishes that you focus on three chapters, glean what you may from each, and then ponder moving on to three more.  Given my quest, the three were easy for me to choose; they each encompassed his “slow-carb” diet.

Without spoiling the read for you, I can assert that after one week of sticking to his plan (with only a few stumbles) I have lost 5 lbs and feel healthier than I can ever remember.  Not that this blog was to turn into a book review, and not that this book is going to be for everyone, but from my vantage point I highly recommend you not only peruse The Four-Hour Body but purchase it!


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