Recovering from a 32 year food coma…

This morning I woke up and went to the fridge to make something for breakfast.  What I had in front of me was: mozzarella cheese, eggs, egg white, milk, cottage cheese and turkey bacon.  I laughed.  The chuckle continued as I looked at the fridge door which held my varying flavors of coffee creamers, butter, and chocolate I was saving for one of those days.  One of the saddest was the coveted Kraft peanut butter I still have sitting in my cupboard…

I chose turkey bacon.

Recognizing that the contents of my fridge were hazardous, I stopped at Starbucks to do a little more work and found myself staring blankly at the beverage menu.  Advised by a friend, I asked what kind of soy milk they used.  Sure enough: Vanilla Soy.  I’m also allergic to vanilla.  WHAT ON EARTH?  I decided that the minimal amounts of vanilla in the soy was going to be tolerable for today as I ordered drip coffee.  Thank goodness I’m not allergic to sugar.

Before leaving for Kroger, I negotiated with the Manager of the Starbucks to house some rice milk for me in the future so I can maybe have a chance at some of my former favorite drinks: peppermint mocha, pumpkin spice latte…I wonder how rice is going to affect my love of those drinks…

The last stop before home today was Kroger.  I started in the fresh vegetable section, and ended up in the health food and was a little surprised at the foods that included if not dairy, eggs or both.  I started into the rest of the grocery store and picked up foods I usually consumed, I don’t think I’ve read ingredient labels this much since I was counting calories in graduate school.  Label after label was the warnings: this food product contains eggs (or) this food product contains milk.


I laughed, audibly, up and down the isles of Kroger as one after one, food products were stroked off my list…permanently.  I left Kroger with more turkey bacon, turkey cutlets, sesame butter, spinach, some random other veggies, and dejected.  What sweets can I have in my life!?!  Anyone have suggestions?  All are welcome…:)


5 thoughts on “Recovering from a 32 year food coma…

  1. Beef Jerky, peanuts or any other nut for the proteins and other omega-3 fatty acids and they also fill you up. Chick-peas are AMAZING food. You can flavor them a bajillion different ways and they are also high in protein and fiber. EXTREMELY good for you.

  2. Hmmm… let me think what my sis can eat. She also has some other illness that I can’t think of right now that further limits her ability to eat… basically she only eats cooked chicken and cooked veggies. Did your doc say you had to cut eggs, dairy, wheat, etc., forever? Or can you cut them for a couple months and integrate small amounts back into your diet? Spring’s doc told her that she could eventually bring in small doses back into her diet after she cuts them for six months, but I’m not sure if her allergies are genetic or just an accumulation of the food. I should see if she has any “go to” websites. I think you are going to have to stick to cooking your own food, because nothing out there that is prepackaged seems to be wheat, soy, dairy, or egg free. Ohhh can you do corn? Corn tortillas are a life saver!

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