Dietary refinement update…

Gluten free Pizza, 325 calories total, pesto sauce, tomatoes, all sounded perfect to me.  Bought it last week, and Sunday decided to indulge.  Halfway through, I’m beyond impressed how much these cheese tastes like mozzarella.  Minutes later, it clicks.  I get up, walk to the freezer to look at the second of the same I had purchased and scrolled my finger down the list of ingredients: rice crust, mozzarella cheese…nooooooooo!!!!

It has been a month since I found out I was allergic to over half the food I consumed daily and an array of other foods I rarely eat.  A week of depression, and three weeks of adjustment later, I am here to say that this blood test is NOT a sham.  My life has radically changed.  Nicks and bruises that used to take weeks to heal are now healing in half the time.  My second degree burn was nearly gone in 14 days…and I am not picking up every single cold that walks past me.   And when I trip up now and accidentally eat something I shouldn’t (or literally), well, here’s an example…

One of the places my HMD (homeopathic medical doctor) said I would be largely “safe” at was Mexican food.  I promptly got that vicious flu running around the East coast after I was given the results of this blood test.  Barely able to move, let alone cook, I would force myself to Mexican to eat something at least once a day, around 4pm, and I got the chicken fajita’s no tortillas and no cheese thinking I was safe.  It took until I finally got over the flu (two weeks later) and a random trip to Mexican food (I go now when I get tired of cooking…happens a lot; I hate cooking 🙂 and every time I ordered that I would immediately feel like I needed a nap, felt nauseous, and had to lay down for two hours or more.  It was so bad that on a subsequent trip, the Mexican restaurant down the road (where they know my name now, and my order), asked if I was having the “usual” and was a little taken back when I said, “NO.”  The idea of eating it again reminded me of how awful I felt and I decided to go with beans and a chicken corn taco no cheese.  I left that meal satiated, and NOT sick.  On my way out, it hit me, and I asked the manager when paying, “do you cook with butter here?”  He hesitated, and then said, yes, all of their dishes included butter.  BUTTER.  It’s presence in my fajitas had been making me sick!  Since I have asked for the fajitas to be dry (so that they don’t accidentally put something in it that makes me sick) and I’ve felt perfectly fine every time.

I am a sad believer.  While I’m thrilled to have this knowledge and potentially prevent myself from an untimely short life, another wave of loss came over me as I recognized that these foods truly need to never be a part of my life again.  Since then, my senses have been heightened.  The smell of cooked eggs, breaded foods, creamy sauces, all have me faint.  I have high hopes that I will continue to find foods that will become my new “favorites,” things I LOVE to eat but until then, I’m looking for packages that say this:



2 thoughts on “Dietary refinement update…

  1. I can definitely relate having acid reflux and rounding out my 30s, I probably caused myself a lot of undue stress just not paying attention to how I stuff my face, growing up in an Italian American family and later cooking in a restaurant you get used to eating how you like… it’s a big reality check when you have to start watching when and what to eat! I do have environmental allergies which most likely doesn’t stop at certain foods, but the best thing that I’ve found is moderation, cutting out late night snacks and eating frequent smaller meals than 3 big ones.

    Anyway good luck on the hunt for new foods, I personally don’t subscribe to Homeopathy, but I do appreciate natural unprocessed and organic foods. It’s crazy that in this day and age for something to be considered natural it has to be labeled. Tells you something about what’s actually the shelf!

    • Glad you aren’t planning to unsubscribe 🙂

      We definitely are not too concerned about what we eat in North America, and you made a good point – what’s gone wrong when we have to label “organic?!”

      As for HMD’s, I have found most people here in the US are not proponents…I have less faith in regular MD’s than in HMD’s though 😉

      It’s going to be an interesting journey, but I’ve already noticed a massive difference…wouldn’t go back!

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