Allergen farce or fact?

Is it worth it?

I was asked that today after I posted on FaceBook “I woke up at 4:30 starving…5:30…6…everything I have to eat requires cooking and I was too tired for that! Misery…lol”

A similar challenge was made last night when I turned down what looked like an amazing plate of clams, not because they didn’t look delicious, but because I knew how I would suffer if there was an ounce of butter anywhere on those shell fish.

Is it worth it?  YES.

Some of you might remember my posts about cats ( and the severe allergy I have had with them.  I have been eating “clean” for just over a month now, and two weeks in I was at my friends house who has two cats.  Where I once could only survive a half hour or so in their house, I stayed two hours without so much as a sniffle.

Yesterday I was at a different Mexican restaurant than my “usual.”  I was emphatic about my allergy to cheese and butter, asking for my usual “chicken fajitas.”  Of course, the beans came out with cheese on them (which I didn’t eat) but the side of beans they replaced them with tasted too good not to have butter in them.  I asked him if they did, and he hesitated and of course said, “no, no, no,” but my body told me differently the rest of yesterday and this morning.

With such a clear reaction, do I think these allergen tests are a farce?  Absolutely not.  Am I happy that I figured this out?  Absolutely am…except when I wake up at 4:30 in the morning starving…


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