It’s been two months without food…

Okay…not ALL food…but all the foods I used to love.

I thought it time to update those interested in an update.

Gimic, right?  You pay a few hundred dollars for an “HMD” to take your blood and somehow from your hemoglobin interacting with a list of another couple hundred foods, determine which ones are toxic to your system.  Just another fad…or so I had hoped.

Here’s some interesting information.  I hardly ever ate red meat, but I knew every time I ate it (once every few months) I would feel lethargic after, retain water and experience general discomfort.  If you saw my results, red meat feel into the “avoid” category but was not off the charts like dairy.

Now…it’s been two months since I’ve had anything listed as “avoid” or even “moderate.”  Seeing that I had been poisoning myself for 32 years, I decided to take any dangers out of my diet.  The result: detox.  You know how drug addicts or alcoholics go into rehab to “detox?”  I’m fairly certain they might do well to create one of those for people who have been addicted to all the wrong foods.  I have had a week of extreme exhaustion, most recently a week of cankers (these run in my family when highly stressed) and am looking forward to what I might encounter in the next 30 days.  It apparently takes 90 days to clean out your blood (complete a detox) and so I’m only 60 in.  Not only that, but if I even have something that was made in the same pan that once used butter, or drink something that was in the same container that once held milk, I spend the next two hours nauseated and desperately wishing I had not.

Another surprising development is my new found desire to cook…this has more to do with the fact that, removing so many of these foods has left me looking (and feeling) malnurished, and I realized the only way to ensure I get the daily nutrients I needed was to put the kitchen to good use.  It’s only been two days, but both meals have been good enough…just need to get adjusted to the time commitment!

Stay tuned for how the final month of detox fairs…



2 thoughts on “It’s been two months without food…

  1. If a WMD is “Weapons of Mass Destruction” what is a “HMD”? Cook w/ intention, in the moment (i.e. When you cook, cook. When you sing, sing.) The food will taste so much better and carry in it that love of attention. And, you eat that. Kind of a nice cyclical thing goin’ on, eh? Stay Great! Bruce

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