So…the next few months I’ll probably be updating on this little topic.   Over the Christmas holidays I was approved to launch a fundraiser on the Kickstarter webpage to raise money for my first full-length album.  At present, I have a six-song EP that was recorded in under 6 hours at a beautiful studio in NC for $2,000.  Before launching on Kickstarter, I wanted to find out what it might cost to record a full length album at a local studio here in Lynchburg adding a band, and even some orchestration to the former six from the EP (it was just my voice and single instrument) as well as putting a number of other songs I’ve written (out of a total of 22 in the past 14 months) to the full length album.

I was shocked at the total.  I was quoted, for studio time, production time, and mastering, anywhere between $13,000-17,000.  This was from start to finish (minus the disc making, which is only a couple hundred). I was floored.  I decided though, if I was going to go back into the studio, I was going to do it right.  If I was going to raise the funds, I wanted to raise the amount that would create a final product worth giving to my donors and with selling to the public.

Kickstarter provides a place for artists to fund creativity and philanthropists to follow and fund creativity.  I am not a fan of soliciting my friends/family for money – why companies like Amway, Quickstar, and other like that never appealed to me.  So I am not blogging this as a solicitation and if I send anyone any information about kickstarter it is merely on the off-chance someone might be interested in supporting my dream.

Below is the link to my page.  It is an interesting way to support artists because the artist has built in “rewards” for people who invest in their art.  The list of the rewards are next to the dollar amount given and is a beautiful way to support someone and allow the opportunity to thank the supports.

Please check out the link below if this interests you (as an artist or a philanthropist).  I have a few other ideas up my sleeve if this avenue does not pan out, but I’m praying it does!  I’d love to be in studio this summer and add depths of sound to music that has captivated my soul (and the souls of so many others).

“What I Need” Kickstarter Project



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