It’s been three months and two days…

Since you took my food away…(ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…)

Sinead was lamenting the loss of a very different love when she wrote her version of that song…but I think the loss is substantial regardless.  There was a definite mourning period for about two weeks after I found out I could no longer eat a host of foods that were staple in my diet.  Then there was an adjustment period finding things to replace them in their permanent absence.  Then there was the discovery of new loves, new foods that I thoroughly enjoyed.  There was of course, the moments I slipped back to those things I had loved and loss “one last time,” only to suffer severely.  Then I finally accepted the changes.

I am now free of all gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, peanuts, and a host of other things that were less prevalent in my diet.  Do I feel any better?  I think the next few months will gauge that.  From what I understand, it takes your blood three months to “detox” and remove the waste from it; so as of this week I have clean blood!

I have noticed that in three months I’ve only been sick once (compared to the usual monthly) but I have to admit the last three months have been closer to an addict coming of a drug addiction than a beautiful cleansing of my system that has led to a more energetic life.  There was a solid week where I couldn’t sleep for trying, another where I couldn’t wake from sleeping, another week where I had a sleeve of eczema from my shoulder to my elbow and a week with a bloody nose.  Of course, I can’t be certain that it was from removing the foods I was allergic too, but I have been told there are random side effects from a food detox.

Needless to say, the journey has just begun.  I’ve become accustomed to soy lattes, rice bread, and Mexican food, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out if there are any life altering benefits to this detox…


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