Beyond Beautiful…”What I Need” in Dance

Stuart Coleman and Bronwyn Updike turned a song I wrote a year and a half ago, from an emotion that had me torn and broken, into a dance that relived a moment from my life better than it might have actually happened.

Stuart’s choreography took “What I Need” to a place it had never been before (but I hope it will return again one day!).  It so closely mirrored my life now, while the song itself reflected on a life from two years ago.  The medley of the two together was breathtaking.

When I started this musical journey in Oct of 2009, I had no idea where it was going to take me or how I was going to get there; I still don’t 🙂  I had merely been charged with the task of putting pen to paper, fingers to keys, and ideas to flight.  They have soared on so many occasions, but this song was one of my first and remains to this day one of the most powerful.

How often do we stop to consider what it is we need?  How often do we find ourselves in a dance with a partner that we believe, want to believe, are told to believe will carry us through all the motions only to find ourselves lifeless in their arms?

The music keeps moving, and we find ourselves stepping in sync to a beat we don’t know, a song we didn’t write, and a world we aren’t sure we want to be a part of.  Yet, that same motion can be one of the most beautiful; there is something magical about being carried away…

Once the video is complete you’ll see how easily she showed not only the beauty of the dance, but the complication of a dream that is unfulfilled, a life that needed chasing and a world that exists beyond the reaches of the space between what you want and what you need.

You can reach for the stars.  The choice is ours.

These two dancers brought the stars down to a little stage here in Lynchburg, and I will never forget this moment, that weekend, or the brilliance of this dance.  From the bottom of my heart to you Stuart for creating something so beautiful, you Bronwyn for portraying my life in ways I never could, and Cameron McNinch for seeing the beauty of this song long before I know how truly beautiful it was.

I love you.


2 thoughts on “Beyond Beautiful…”What I Need” in Dance

  1. Renee, you see what your journey you brings. Beautiful things and beautiful people that inspiration, cherish that feeling and love it

    love Bart

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