What are you doing here?

Not really a booming metropolis.  Especially once I tell people who ask, that I’m from here:

Worlds apart.

So what am I doing here?  That question is one that has been more frequently asked since my recent musical escapades at this fine establishment long the rivers edge you can see featured in the bottom right hand corner of the above picture of Lynchburg.

This little establishment has left a BIG mark on the restaurant industry in Lynchburg.  Jimmy, the owner, can be found every night the doors are open behind the Yamaha piano tucked in the corner of the restaurant singing Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and easily being mistaken for any of those legendary men just sitting at the bar listening to the music.

I walked into Jimmy’s doors last November and quickly realized that my musical leaning were not Jazz/Blues but seeing a venue that would readily support my singer/songwriter material.  I charmed my way into their lives, and have been playing there ever since.  In the months that have gone by, on more than one occasion, guests have remarked that my abilities (along with Jimmy’s) exceed the limits of the tiny town that holds them and have often vocalized surprise that I am playing/living in this modest city.

I am there getting a PhD 🙂  That is what keeps me within the city limits and has kept me in the city limits for 15 years this coming fall: academia.  While I love music, and will continue to play, unless it takes me to a place where it demands more attention and affords more financially than a hobby, I will remain at this brilliant establishment on random nights throughout the week and continue to have people baffled wondering, what am I doing there…


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