“Oh man, THOSE are so good!!”

If I had a Canadian loonie for every time I’ve said that in the last six months…I’d be able to quit one of my 4 jobs (smile).  Instead, those words spill out of my mouth more times than I care to remember as I wipe a bit of drool from the corner as I pass things like dutch waffle cookies, or Tim Horton’s timbits, or any random pizza shop…

I bought a package of these in Amsterdam 4 years ago and nearly polished off the bag on the flight to Toronto

I exercise what I have now determined is an amazing amount of self-control, writing this as I safely drink my soy milk latte from Starbucks reminiscing about the days I would eat whatever I wanted and only sometimes choose not to as I considered the “moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips” adage.

I was sitting earlier at the mall with the $5 shoes I had bought from the unreal “end of summer” sales thinking about the times in my life that I had been what I would consider “tiny.”  There was a stint in college where I charted 29% body fat.  That was after a 3 week trip to England where the only thing they fed us was McDonald’s and the only walking we did was on and off a bus.  I swore after that I would never be that heavy again.  I returned to school that fall and ate “healthy,” which amounted to the salad bar and whatever else I thought was “good” for me; but the late night pizza’s and the dining out at Outback kept the pounds from falling.  It wasn’t until the following summer that I was working 4 jobs to try and fund my junior year, eating carrots as snacks, turkey sandwiches for lunch and frappucinos for dinner (I don’t recommend the latter) that I returned to LU a size I’d never been in my life before: 2.  Nearly 10 years later, I am fitting into some of my clothes from that year in college and wondering how it is that I have managed to drop the weight so quickly (I was nearing a size 8 last summer) and can only attribute it to the fact that I have an outside force (Homeopathic allergy test) preventing me from eating foods I’d otherwise indulge regularly in (cheese, pasta, bread, eggs, beef, peanuts) and literally fill myself up on other foods and watching the weight continue to decrease instead of increase!  I’ve even dropped my days working out from 6 a week to 3 and have not only maintained but built strength in the fewer hours at a gym.

A LONG time ago, I wrote somewhere about how I saw food as a drug.  We are so careful to follow the instructions on meds prescribed by a doctor to help avoid adverse side effects, but we don’t even think about what the morsel of food on our fork might do to our weight, health, and future!  If I had continued down the dietary path I was on, there is a solid chance I would have become another cancer victim in my 40s.  While I still might…I will at least live from now until then with out a bloated stomach, regular head colds, and more energy than I had in my teens 🙂

So for those looking for the allergy test update, I am regularly encouraging all that I talk to to invest in it; it changed my life…for the better.


One thought on ““Oh man, THOSE are so good!!”

  1. I’m skeptical on the allergy testing I’ve done it in high school and followed up with roughly 2 years of shots, made no difference in my allergies whatsoever fast forward 20 plus years still taking benadryl and looking for a good day time pill that can easy the sensitivity without making me drowsy. Granted your allergies are related to different parts of your body. I just think everyone is different when it comes to these things, hopefully it works for somebody (and especially you Canam 🙂 …I must quote your adage “moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips” that isn’t all bad, I do love a woman with child bearing hips just much as I do if she’s slender up and down… too much superficiality I say, gotta to be healthy regardless.

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