Maple Leafs and Summer Storms

This fall, I will have been in the USA for 14 years (Liberty All-Star 🙂 and will have spent 19 years in Canada.  Rapidly approaching half and half and while I know that my time is unfairly shared each year between my home and nativeland and the land of stars and stripes; I have never seen myself as an “American.”  I haven’t necessarily seen me staying in the US forever either…I had thought by now, if I were to stay, I would have found myself a lovely Yankee, hitched our wagon to a life in a US state and be raising a couple international children (CanAm :).

Alas, I am in the same relational state I was in when I arrived in the US in 1997 and now that I’m sitting back home in Canada I realize the thing I love the most is the ability to commute between both countries, maintain a life in both nations and see those I love when I’m home and return to others I love when I go back home 🙂

Yet, this trip home has me thinking, in ways that I haven’t before, am ready to find someone to “do life” with.  I had a “Prince Charming” fantasy about this for years (thank you Disney) but not so much anymore.  There is no “ideal,” just finding someone whose company you enjoy, who makes you a better person as you make them, and you choose to face life head-on together.  Doesn’t seem like such a tall order, and I’m not necessarily fussy about which country this person is from, but in 32 years I’ve had zero success…maybe I’ll find it in 33 🙂


3 thoughts on “Maple Leafs and Summer Storms

  1. “but in 32 years I’ve had zero success…maybe I’ll find it in 3”

    I give you props for being so open with the world, unfortunately for me I can’t say that “I don’t know what you’re talking about’ …heh. And so it appears your clock is set, though what are you’re thoughts on freezing you eggs? I’ve heard many successful women are doing that these days.

  2. In the interim, you’re experiencing a life full of adventures that companionship can sometimes take from us. Its a trade-off. One day it will happen, but now you’re making the best of where you are.

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