The Randolph College Matrix…

While I wasn’t skillfully dodging bullets last night, wearing head to toe leather, or black wrap-around sunglasses contemplating blue or red pills…I WAS sitting in my first class at Randolph College, all geared up to spend 2 1/2 hours with 15 students I had yet to meet and looking at a room full of empty seats when the clock struck 7pm.

So clearly NOT me...but exactly what I stared at for 30 minutes last night.

How is it possible that ALL 15 of my students did not show up for the first class?  I have had a number of students roll in late for a first class, decide to drop it the day class started, but generally speaking there are warm bodies in seats long before the hour begins.  If it hadn’t been for a former student showing up to say Hi to me before class started, I am not sure how I would have proceeded, but we ended up going down to IT as I had decided I must have had the class room wrong (reason of deduction).  This poor IT guy was frazzled by the tornado that was myself storming into his office and begging him to pull up my schedule on the computer.  For the academic excellence that is Randolph College, they’re lollygagging when it comes to technology and I couldn’t get cell reception through the historic walls or log into my computer; so this poor guy was my only chance at finding my students.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t log me in either, couldn’t access a master calendar, and was generally no help so I left only to have him fly out the door seconds later saying, “I found your schedule, you’re in LG 611!”  That’s what I had on my syllabus.  Where were my students???

(Have to go to voice lessons, will finish this lata!)


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