Dear 2012, I have a few things I’d like to say…

Every year on the 1st, people dig out a piece of paper and pen ambitions they hold for the coming 365 days.  Usually broad generalizations (“I want to be healthy;” I want to travel”), they rarely amount to much beyond the first week of the year.  I have spent the last few days on ice (literally) trying to decide what it is I want this year to look like.  Some of that is already mapped out for me: I am going to Italy in March, I’m coming to Canada in May for my dad’s 6oth and I’m chipping away at the ‘ol PhD) but I was asked last night what I had planned with music for the new year and the only thing that came to mind was “PLAY!”  I have loved performing live, it has become like musical crack cocaine.  Little has pulled me from the stage outside of the required hours for online teaching, writing massive PhD papers, reading textbooks and this past year: illness.

So 2012, this is what I have to say to you:  I walked into this new year a little broken as a strep throat carrier, with recurring bouts and a still aggravated throat as well as a fractured shoulder and a little bruised but I walked into this year healing.  I plan to have a healthy year (prayerfully,  very prayerfully), prosperous (I will have more money in the bank due to less health bills), and successful (musical avenues will present themselves and I will continue to maintain my grades at LU).

I suppose if I had to make a list (I don’t know where paper is in this house, loads of pens at my parents, shortage on paper; but aren’t they made on keys and screens these days?); if I had to make one it would probably look something like this:

  1. Completely heal from strep through a strict anti-inflammatory supplement/diet regime and an inordinate amount of rest.
  2. Record two or three of my covers and offer them as free downloads, as well as creating corresponding videos and posting them online
  3. Audition for The Voice or The X Factor (yes, I am 33 and I want to try one of these singing competitions for kicks)
  4. Complete another 6 classes for my PhD
  5. Find someone to fall in love with (or better yet, have them find me).  I have failed at this for the last 33 years, maybe I was meant to wait till 34 🙂
  6. Start writing happy songs.  While composition is my therapy (all manner of composition), I think it’s time to spin my lyrical focus and in turn alter my literal focus.
  7. Get heart healthy.  This past year, I discovered my many food allergies (see here: Food Allergies) and subsequently changed my diet and lost nearly 10 lbs.  It was so easy to drop the weight (with food) that I lost my passion for working out.  While I’m thin, I recognize the importance of keeping my heart healthy through exercise!  So back to the gym I go!
  8. Spend daily time in the Word.  I have been a believer all my life, but there have been seasons of my faith that it’s been difficult to communicate with God.  The past few years have had numerous peeks and valleys, but I want to make a conscious effort to stay focused on Him this year.

What would your list look like?


5 thoughts on “Dear 2012, I have a few things I’d like to say…

  1. I do not have a single clue what mine will be. I am really healthy already. Maybe to find what true love is like myself. I would like to go to school for photography, construction, game designer, or for business. I don’t know How I stumbled unto your blog, but I am glad I have. 🙂 Have a wonderful night/day.

    • Hey Justin! Glad you stumbled 🙂 And thank you for sharing! Don’t take health for granted (I think I might have) and I encourage you to chase your academic dreams! Quite the array of interests. Best wishes in this new year!

      • No problem. I do not take for granted my health. I try to avoid medicine. I rather eat healthy foods. :p I hope you have an awesome this year as well. The reason I moved to Tucson, Arizona from Bedford, Virginia was to pursue my dream of being a photographer. 🙂

  2. Lay z boy recliner , iPad at home , prayer ministry , linked in and linked up ….praying for you , read your blog ..

    Dr. Charles Hughes
    Pastor for Prayer
    Prayer Center
    Campus Pastors Office

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