To all those who faithfully followed me since I started this blog a number of years ago: THANK YOU.  To all those who haven’t given up on me and have been faithfully waiting for me to return and put thoughts to keys, the wait is over.  I’M BACK 🙂 

Not only am I back, but to honor my renewed interest in all things I used to love, I’ve given my page a face lift (what do you think?! :).  I included the man of my life (the only one I publicize anyway ;), and am excited about getting back to a regular writing routine.

Writing is much like anything else…the more you do it, the better you get and while it is like riding a bicycle (you eventually remember how the pedals work and can make the bike move) it still takes some time to return to the finesse you once rode with.  I am looking forward to not only reviving that finesse but refining it!

My last post, the first of the year, was met with a near immediate return to illness the minute I got to the US.  I discovered it was my apartment that was poisoning me (mold: do NOT move to the Dumonts!!), made a quick move in less than two weeks and have spent the last five months recovering.


Returning from walking Joey this morning, I was reminded of how truly blessed I am.  Even though I spent the last year in one of the darkest valley’s of my life (stories I’ll share in the future but today I want to focus on what is good), I was given something so beautiful, something deceivingly cosmopolitan (I often miss the city life), and something healthy and clean.  The picture above is what I see every morning and what serves as a reminder that there is a greater purpose for my life because I’m still here!! 🙂

To begin my return, I thought I would address my list of resolutions from January…despite my health challenges, I have managed to accomplish the following mid-year:

  1. Completely heal from strep through a strict anti-inflammatory supplement/diet regime and an inordinate amount of rest.I have only minor remnants of the fungal infection from my apartment, two more months is predicted to complete healing, so I’m on track!!
  2. Record two or three of my covers and offer them as free downloads, as well as creating corresponding videos and posting them onlineI am setting the gear up this week to work on my cover CD, need to find out the legalities but have already posted Fever on Youtube!!
  3. Audition for The Voice or The X Factor (yes, I am 33 and I want to try one of these singing competitions for kicks)I was two days shy for American’s Got Talent audition, but posted it anyway (see above). I did get my audition in to The X Factorbut as of right now I am ineligible for The Voice because I’m Canadian…
  4. Complete another 6 classes for my PhDI am two classes into this goal and managed to get A’s in both!
  5. Find someone to fall in love with (or better yet, have them find me).  I have failed at this for the last 33 years, maybe I was meant to wait till 34THIS part of my life you’ll only ever hear about in songs…but 34 just might be my year…;)
  6. Start writing happy songs.  While composition is my therapy (all manner of composition), I think it’s time to spin my lyrical focus and in turn alter my literal focus. – Have recently been granted permission to use a lot of my experiences and others experiences to put happiness to word and music!  Can’t wait to get them completed this summer!
  7. Get heart healthy.  This past year, I discovered my many food allergies (see here: Food Allergies) and subsequently changed my diet and lost nearly 10 lbs.  It was so easy to drop the weight (with food) that I lost my passion for working out.  While I’m thin, I recognize the importance of keeping my heart healthy through exercise!  So back to the gym I go! – Am now a three a week’er, a far cry from the 5-6 I used to be, but actually all that I really need as I’ve incorporated swimming this summer and walking the pooch!
  8. Spend daily time in the Word.  I have been a believer all my life, but there have been seasons of my faith that it’s been difficult to communicate with God.  The past few years have had numerous peeks and valleys, but I want to make a conscious effort to stay focused on Him this year. – Interestingly, this has been one of my greatest challenges…it seems as though, in the face of trials, it’s hard to keep a strong hold on the root of your existence as you contemplate that existences demise.  Never once, have I turned from it, but I am still working my way back to a consistent line of communication that I once had with the author and perfecter of my faith!

As I’ve been typing these, I wonder how anyone reading this has done with their new years resolutions?  Have you been able to work through even a couple of them?  Had any successes?

Though blogging wasn’t on my list from January, I consider this post and future posts a mark of a creative success for me and am excited about what the last half of 2012 has in store!!

Hope to hear from some of you soon…it’s good to be back!



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