On the Cloud!

Check out my last EP here: Soundcloud

Definitely stay tuned to the “weather” as there are going to be quite a few sunny days this summer!!

2 thoughts on “On the Cloud!

  1. Well it definitely seems you are doing quite well in spite of your trials. Mold definitely sets off my allergies, and in my case the fix was to purchase an industrial sized dehumidifier 🙂 …apartment life was great when I was living in Chicago, but home steading is where it’s at, no maintenance issues you have to fight with the property management about and you call all the shots, as they say a man’s home is his castle right?

    As for resolutions? actually this year my resolution was to make no resolutions. Just let things happen, not to hold myself to all sorts of expectations (that may or may not be right for me in the end) and there will be no disappointments! Just trying to keep it real ya know? I’ve learned a list for the day actually works pretty good haha 🙂

    Too bad you haven’t booked the Iowa State Fair, I’d buy a ticket.

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