After the Storm…

A week ago, Lynchburg (and neighboring states) sustained the worst natural disaster ever recorded by AEP.  Some of our residents did not get power back until last night and there are still a fair number who are weathering the 105 degree weather without it.  Saturday, you couldn’t navigate many of the ’03 roads due to the debris: strewn power lines and toppled trees.  Power wasn’t all that was lost, some people came out of this losing cars, personal affects and in some cases their homes…


Thankfully, the storm itself didn’t claim any lives directly but lives were altered and in some cases changed forever.

As I sat in my apartment, infant crawling around, monster doggie taking all Joey’s toys and my American dad watching ball game after ball game; this little one bedroom apartment seemed so small but so full.  There is something about disaster that builds a community, brings people together, and creates a sense of family that might otherwise not have been so strong.  Why is it that we need something catastrophic to happen in order to bring humanity together?  And yet, in the face of overwhelming temperatures, this city came together and supported each other getting us through the worst storm I’ve seen in my 15 year stint in this city.

Then my thoughts navigated to the internal storm I had sustained this past winter.  The place I had been living (the Dumonts) had made me so sick I lost all power.  It’s taken me much longer than a week to get my electricity up and running to full capacity, and though I am not there yet I can feel it coming back…while I have lost things through this storm there is much to be thankful for: my health is returning, my jobs were maintained, and I found a lot of family that weathered the storm with me. 

If it weren’t for the storms in life, we might not appreciate the sunny days at the beach as much.  God promised there would be peaks and valley’s in our lives, but He also promised that regardless of the journey, He would never be very far and after the storm, He promised rainbow ❤



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