Peridot’n’Diamond’s, Pink Birthday Cake and Swing Theory…

Happy Birthday to me!!!
This past weekend ushered in another year for me, and this year that turn of the tide represented a battle won.  I had moved two years ago into a place that was slowly and unbeknownst to me, killing me.  There could have been any number of factors but all I know is moving out of what I’ll affectionately call the “Deathmonts” have led to a slow, painful, crawl back to health.  To that end, I celebrated this birthday as a victory over a year that tried to render me useless!
In years past, I always planned my own birthday, created the guest list, labored over the decorations, attendance, and the days events.  Given what I had just overcome, I decided this year to do nothing.  I merely used the social mediated vehicle “Facebook” to advertize where I was going to be for my midnight celebration and invited those I knew and loved to join.  In the few conversations about this celebration with friends, I ended up going to dinner at Mangia and “guilting’ my friend Marty into not only attending that dinner, but paying for mine and purchasing a peridot diamond necklace from Macy’s.

A far cry from the 5ct diamond ring we had looked at years ago…

Just kidding 🙂  I was shocked he not only came to dinner (that was all I asked) but went out of his way to get me something so thoughtful (I didn’t own anything that had my birth stone in it!).  Now, thanks to Marty, I have to find earrings that go with it as my oversized earrings that I own don’t suit the dainty brilliance of the birthday present.
If that wasn’t enough, Andy said he had got me the “gift of song” for my birthday.

I was thrilled to have him perform for me and was beyond surprised when musicians and equipment began rolling into Jimmy’s on the James.  Swing theory was in full swing by 10pm and the “count down” began to my birthday at midnight.  I was almost disappointed I didn’t make a more concerted effort to invite more of my friends out that night as they were fantastic and literally made the eve of my birthday beyond memorable only to be topped with pink icing on this birthday cake as I was brought a birthday cake at midnight while Swing Theory melodically ran through the strains of “Happy Birthday.”  I don’t think I’d had a cake in, well, years!

Needless to say, I am beyond grateful to those in my life who went out of their way (including those I didn’t name in this post) to let me know that I matter in their life and to celebrate the changing of a birth year with me.  Last weekend was greater than I had anticipated and I hope this message let’s you know how much I appreciate each of you – THANK YOU.


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