I had a few people message me and asked what happened between August of last year and August of this year.  Here is a quick summary: I had 9 rounds of antibiotics for 10 positive strep tests, had multiple other infections and the beginning of bronchitis which all lead the MD’s I saw to question my immune systems ability to function.  In short, my body was breaking down and there was no plausible reason that could be identified in a doctors office.  Something in my life was toxic and no one, including myself, knew why my immune system was suppressed; I was headed to UVA in the spring.

It wasn’t until I went home for Christmas that I started to get better without any meds and with the help of a Canadian Naturopath I began taking a plethora of supplmenents to boost my immune system, the least of which weren’t Thorne Research probiotics and Juice Plus.

It wasn’t until I began talking Juice Plus that I finally started to see marked improvement.  I have not seen a doctor since March of last year, and that is precisely when a college convinced me to return to the Juice Plus supplements.  I had used them a decade ago but quit due to the $40/month commitment but the energy, health and money I have saved saying out of the doctors has not only balanced it but exceeded its worth.
It turned out that what had been poisoning me, preventing my body from using antibiotics to get rid of strep, was where I was living.  The irony is, when you’re sick you stay home, but the apartment I moved into Summer of 2010 was a historic building that I later learned had zero updates in the 75 years it has been in existence and there is likely a reason that the tenets of my particular unit never stayed much longer than a year or two.  I lasted a year and a half before I connected the dots and the last month I lived there I was brushing my teeth and washing dishes with bottled water and living in my bedroom with a HEPA air filter and a towel stuffed under the door to keep the air out.
It wasn’t even just me that was affected.  The fall before I moved out, Joey ended up with a tumor on his front leg for which the vet said it “just happens.”  His tumor went away in Canada, and I am not 7 months away from having lived in that apartment and have the energy to get through an entire day of work and not need to rest every 2 hours and I have started picking up things I used to love doing in my spare time instead of barely getting done what was necessary to keep my job and survive.

So for those who wanted to know where I lost a year, it was to a contaminated living space.  I am so excited for 34 as I know it can only continue to improve and I encourage any and all who read this that have questions, experiencing something similar, or would like more information on a supplement that changed my life; please contact me!  I believe that anything you go through in life that presents a challenge is worth the battle so that you can help other people who find themselves in a similar fight!

God bless and here is to a full year for 2012/2013!


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