Breaking through the Creative Fog

It is remarkable how when you come out of the valleys in life, you can look back and so clearly see where you had been.  Yet, while you’re in the throws of the desert, it feels like you’ll never find water or your way out again.

That was my thirty-third year of living.  I lost the ability to clearly articulate, compose, and even at times it felt like my mind; forgetting things that were never usually forgotten, losing organization in a life formerly well organized, and spending months in a fog.

What was the hardest for me was the lack of creativity.  What once flowed like a river – having once been accused of a prolific musical composition – I could barely key through the chords on my iPad at times.  I had heard about “writer’s block” and the stalemate you can find with creativity over the course of an artists life but now that I’m past that first season I can’t help but wonder what was going on in other artist’s lives when creativity left them?

I confronted my mortality head on last year, and won a knock-down, drag out fight against the unknown.  All emotional energies were spent elsewhere and the remaining battery power was moving me from requirement to requirement.  There was no time for creativity.  Now, I’m slowly finding myself able to add one more thing back into my life (like blogging) and am always slightly surprised when I have the energy to take on that additional task I couldn’t even consider moving towards in months past.

I have a few friends that I know are in the throws of similar challenges and if nothing else I hope that this and any future blogs of this kind will be inspirational.

Never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel; the freedom is worth every exhausted, persistent minute; I promise.


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