The Perfect Storm

While I have been reading about Sandy’s assault on the East coast and as I watched the Eastern states prepare for her potential arrival I was reminded of the Derecho that ripped through Lynchburg VA this past summer.  There was little warning, and barely any time to prepare before trees were strewn across homes, yards and vehicles leaving mangled power lines in its wake.  Something so quick, and so powerful happened in less than a few hours but took weeks to recover from.


Watching Sandy make her way up the coast and reading about her destructive wake left individual’s with a chance to prepare for her arrival and yet there are those who chose not to heed protective warning.  Liberty was given a hard time for canceling today but there was no guarantee where Sandy was going to make her left-hand turn that the precautionary choice was well made.

While everyone is preparing for disaster, and praying for safety, I included a note of reverence.  Nature has always been such a clear indication of God’s power to me.  I  see a mass of storm systems like Sandy and see the power of our creator majestically displayed.  Tonight, I go to sleep with my prayers lifted to those in the North under the surge of “The Perfect Storm” and in reverence for a loving, powerful, creator who has promised He will “…make all things new” (Revelation 21:5).


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