Culture of Hostility

A recent post on my Facebook wall, in response to a status update I made about Biden’s presence here in Lynchburg, incited some classic Ad Hominem from some of my Facebook friends who engaged in personal attacks instead of attacks against the issues at hand.  I spent some time thinking today about the culture of hostility that seems to surface with a vengeance in an election year here in the US.  Is it because it’s much easier to find things we do not like about someone rather than see what is good in that individual and work to positively influence change in what we perceive is not?


Acknowledging Halloween in my post, the picture above evidences the issues this Halloween season that should scare individuals on either side of the political fence.  As a Canadian I am unable to vote but that doesn’t mean I do not take interest in the election.  I live here.  What happens does affect me even if I do not get to participate in the selection process directly.  What has bothered me is how hostile the election process is, and how there is more of a political attack on individuals than an intelligent debate about issues.

Anyone else feel the same?


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