Date with Joey, MH and tall tales

Last night, I took Joey to dinner.  Yes, you heard me, my adorable little 6lb Yorkie came with me and snacked on a few of the things I ate.  While enjoying my “night out,” I ran into two other gentlemen who were sharing my dining space.  I had anticipated a quiet dinner with Joey, and since he’s not one for much chatter, my iPad sat within reach waiting and continued to wait for the rest of the night.

Jack and Jason, I think were their names, one worked at the hospital the other a dentist.  Some how my medical history came up (go figure) and I mention I had MH and that my dentist was leery about “putting me under.”  It was interesting in talking to a dentist, a little more recently out of residency it seemed, and what’s going on the other side of the IV.  It was nice to educate someone about my condition because it still appears to be something of a medical anomaly.  Speaking of anomaly, the last discussion was my former year of sickness.  Finally coming out of what felt like a health coma, I was freely talking to them about what I believed was mold in my former apartment that infected me to the point that my dog had an inexplicable benign tumor, I lost my vision, had strep 8 times, lost 20 lbs, was on 9 rounds of antibiotics for various infections and was nearly headed to UVA for testing because my immune system was failing me; then I moved out.  I make not this up.


It’s good to be back, to be working again, singing, and writing here but I still feel like my mind is scrambled, my eyes have not settled into whatever reduced vision I’ll have to accept and I am still unable to wake up rested after 8 hours of sleep BUT I am climbing up hill again, not sliding down, and anyone hearing my story can carry their skepticism with them because I tell not a tall tale: Dumonts stole a year of my life that I’d like back.

I am thankful to be alive.


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