Seasons of life

Some would probably say that this year I’m getting “old,” while there are still many others who would comment on how “young” I am.  These terms are all relative as this past year and a half my age did not indicate how old my body felt.  This “winter” of my life, as I’m choosing to define it,  blossomed this past fall as I fought through what had kept me dormant and rendered me capable of a fraction of the life I should have been living.  There are things in our life that we can do to control the seasons, decisions we can make, choices that can lead us into various storms; but sometimes those storms just come.  My health was the storm that held me down for so long and having left that dreadful apartment a year ago Feb 1st, I have seen my health slowly return. (**anyone reading this have health issues that can not seem to find diagnosis with an MD, message me as I have learned a lot in the last year that might be helpful to you!)

But that was a different season.

Even though I woke today to a blanket of freshly fallen snow, January 1st, 2013 is the beginning of the summer of my life.


I think there is an unnecessary pressure when a list of “New Year’s Resolutions” are made and (at least for me) they often aren’t completed because time is not put into executing it.  So instead, I plan to put my renewed energy into the things I am passionate about and one day at a time this year I will work to see them come back to life!



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