Colors of Love

Last night I had a conversation with a friend about expectations; specifically expectations in relationships.  I am not sure about you, but I grew up watching Aladdin chase Jasmine and work to win her favor, Beauty being romance by the beast, so can you blame me that I got to my twenties thinking that was how guys who like girls would treat them?

It didn’t take me long to learn that every relationship isn’t painted in such bright colors.  In reality, every relationship was a different shade of grey.  The discussion with my friend was whether or not this grey was something we needed to expect or were the brilliant colors of our childhood Disney movies something to strive for or are they truly just fantasy?


In my adult years (having lost my mom in my late teens), my dad re-married and I think I’ve been privileged over the last ten years to see what true love looks like.  It’s my dad getting the car in sub-zero Canadian temperatures so my step mom doesn’t have to walk in the cold.  It’s my step mom cooking my dad dinner even though she’s under the weather.  It’s my step mom waiting for a ride to work this morning at 6:15am and my dad getting up with her and waiting with her at the door until her ride arrives despite of my step mom’s release telling him he can go. 

As I’m sitting at the breakfast table (6:30am), the parental units having gone to work (far too early), I can only think that this is what love looks like: self-sacrifice.  Choosing what would make someone else happy over what makes you happy.  If you kind find two people who are willing to do that for each other, I think you’ve found true love. 


One thought on “Colors of Love

  1. “Choosing what would make someone else happy over what makes you happy.”

    I like what you have written, but I have always felt that when making someone else happy makes you happy, that’s a good sign too.

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