To get yourself a new life…

I purchased the new Sara Bareilles CD last week and have been listening to it on repeat.  I am understandably drawn to singer/songwriters and their lyrical weaving.  Somehow, when listening to new music, there are always a few songs that stand out immediately and others that sneak up on you after you have spent enough time driving to hear the album a few times over.  “Brave” is her latest single, so top 40 radio had imprinted that song in my mind.  “Satellite Call” stuck, even though I fought an interest in it at first, along with “I Choose You”.  Anyone reading this who is getting married soon, she might have written the next wedding anthem for years to come.  Well crafted, honest, and accurate when it comes to the idea of love.  But there was a line, when I played through the remaining songs after her love letter, that struck me every time it came around: “to get yourself a new life, you’ve got to give the other one away.” And I got to thinking…

Pasts don’t just haunt us, they can hold us down.  It is hard to move away from time that we have spent, but as I listened to those words the truth behind that phrase was unavoidable.  It isn’t, in all cases, that you have to delete another life you once had, but sometimes to move forward you have to let go and embrace something entirely different in order to find your place in this world.




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