“I Choose You”

I used to love Pokemon.  It was something else I could do to procrastinate in collage and I loved playing Pikachu.  That little yellow fur ball had the cutest voice and the best catch phrase:


This animated character had something to say about life that extended further than just game propaganda.  American culture has shifted in the last few decades from something that was more deliberate and decisive to casual and haphazard.  People have become “disposable,” including significant others and, sadly for some, children.  That wasn’t how we were designed.  God created us to love and be loved the way He loved the Church; no light calling. 

While the US, in many instances, would still claim to be “one nation under God,” a larger part of this culture would not necessarily live their life in that way.  Religious landscape survey’s would find the US to be 78% Christian, but “Christianity” has become an abstract rather than concrete term.  Christian, by Biblical definition, is someone who is working to be “Christ-like;” a decision you have to make on a daily basis.  This is not our natural inclination, which makes loving those in our life the way Christ loved the Church a daily decision as well.  There are days the people you love are going to let you down, disappoint, and discourage, which is why Gary Smalley was correct in penning an entire text on why “Love is a decision.”  When you find the right person though, it is one of the easiest decisions to make and worth the work it takes to walk through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our culture in the West has made it hard at times to believe in the idea of “love” and that something can last beyond the moment.  With the looming fear of being another divorce statistic it can seem hopeless but then God brings someone into your life that shows you what He created love for, how it was meant to be, and brings to life these lyrics:

“There was a time when I would have believed them

If they told me you could not come true, just loves illusion.

Then you found me, and everything changed

And I believe in something again.”



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