Returning to where I once was…


Today I began training with Ben Crosswhite.  He’s probably one of the most down to earth, clean-living human beings I’ve encountered in a long time and he’s going to help put me back together; and I can’t wait! 

It was actually two years ago (sorry Ben, I thought it was three) that I was so severely sick I was on my way to UVA because my immune system stopped functioning properly.  The next year was a blur of exhaustion, pain and prayer for a life I’d once known.

Now, here I sit, at Barnes and Noble pondering Ben’s question from the fitness intake, “How old are you?” and the fact that I struggled to spit out thirty-five.  My very next statement was, “when did that happen?”  I had thought I would have done so many other things by now, and would be doing something completely different than I am by now but the drive from the gym to Barnes and Noble left me thinking about what I did instead and how grateful I am first and foremost to even BE on planet earth, and thankful for what I have gotten to experience and the life that I currently lead. 

I don’t know what my life would have looked like if I had taken different paths over the years.  We are products of our past decisions and our future is shaped by the ones we make today.  Some of those are out of our control, and others are very much our decision to make.  The decision to return to fitness is something I’ve longed to have the energy to do and today I’m thankful that not only is it physically possible but I have a fantastic trainer to help me get there. 

Today I am reminded once again: “I am one lucky girl.”

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