“That never happens…”

Unless it’s a Comcast technician here in VA and we are approaching a weekend.

I recently moved into a brand new building.  I know what you’re thinking, new buildings always come with unwanted hurdles.  I thought mine would be the need for Comcast to actually finish the wiring job in my apartment for cable and internet and the hurdle would be located somewhere in there.  Instead, after two and a half hours of waiting within my two hour window, I not only had a no-show but there was no communication from anyone in Comcast regarding the oversight.

Adding insult to injury, when I called yesterday (twice) I was told that my order had been escalated and I would hear from someone about coming out the following day to do the job that I needlessly waited yesterday to have done.  But instead, I woke up this morning with no phone call, no voicemail, and when I called Comcast, their automated message informed me that they had set up a new appointment for Tuesday from 1-3pm.  I’m FURIOUS.  The next human I get on the line this morning at 7:30am is a sweet little girl from Spain who had to endure my North American wrath over poor customer service and an incomplete job.  In her broken English, she said I needed to wait until 8am to speak to someone in the US.  Outsourcing at its finest, I call back at 8:05am to a friendly American accent who immediately understands my plight. 

I work online for a living.  I NEED internet.  Not only that, I gave two and a half hours of my life to the window Comcast demands of its customers only to be jilted and pushed off to the following week.  My rage had subsided some time between talking to Spain and my US connection, so I was able to better articulate my demands.  I complied with their requirements, I articulated, so now they were going to comply with mine.  I didn’t care how long someone had to work today, somebody needs to come to my apartment before days end and make this right.  Evidently the poor soul who thought he could just brush off another future customer was tasked to return to my apartment today to do the job he never did.  Of course I’m preparing myself to be gracious to this little Comcast worker in hopes of him completing the job thoroughly but I am definitely getting HBO or some equivalent from the hours I’ve wasted these last two days.  I’m also preparing myself for a subsequent disappointment…

Apparently no-show Comcast technicians is an epidemic here in VA, almost as if all the workers are a little too high to have the sense of urgency needed to get a days work done.  Makes me wonder, is it that VA is overworking and underpaying Comcast technicians or have they fallen victim to the same disease that I sometimes thinks plagues all vocations to some degree in the US: sheer laziness. 

Regardless, my happy Comcast guy better show up today or I will be one unhappy Canadian!



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