Creatures of Habit…


I have recently had to bid adieu to a tradition of mine that stretches back as far as my master’s program in 2005 when Lynchburg opened it’s first Starbucks.  I think I might have spent a few months wages over this near decade supporting our local Starbucks and last week that all came to an end.  My dairy allergy, and vanilla allergy, do not allow me to drink any of the milk or milk alternatives Starbucks provides.  For the last two years they have graciously carried almond milk for me, but new healthcode and healthcode enforcers have forced the kindness of Lynchburg’s Starbuck’s manager to abruptly halt.

The conclusion of this morning ritual got me thinking about the habits we form as humans and how they become something we need to do to validate some part of our existence in any given day.  Whether it be to wake us up, calm us down, sooth anxiety, alleviate a mood, try and keep our sanity or any other reason, there is always something that we participate in that becomes part of our weekly existence and inevitably a part of what defines us. 

Somewhere in undergrad I decided that since the human core was comprised of roughly 60% water, it was necessary for me to continue to replenish my system by toting around an Aquafina bottle so I could calculate the three liters of water I hoped to consume in any given day.  I became identified by the Aquafina bottle in my hand and still drink that same water to this date.  There are things I have had to adjust in my life which have made me realize how conditioned I was to certain behaviors and lifestyles but also realize how change isn’t bad.  In fact, without change we can become stagnant, under productive, and complacent in our lives.  

There will be another coffee venture ahead for me that might not be so corporate and so rigid.  Given the track record of change in my life, these things always end up working out for the best.

What habits do you have that have had to change?


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